The Schedule Calculator

This page allows you to calculate the best start time and schedule for your intended round. The information that you enter is used by other parts of this site to present only that information relevant to your preferences.

In order to have your successful round recognised you need to have registered your attempt. This is done using the form on the club's website.

When to start

Choosing when to set off really means “Which bit to do in the dark?” This depends on things like: How much does the dark affect your speed?; The ground underfoot; Waking your pacers at some ungodly hour. For a clockwise round:

Not much difference from daylight speed over the first section but Hall’s Fell in the dark. Likely to be coming off Robinson in the Dark.
Not much difference from daylight speed over the first section. Should get Hall’s Fell in the early light. You will be coming off Robinson in the dark.
Helvellyn section in the dark - possibly too slow for this easy section but increasingly popular.
Sort of the worst of all worlds - the easy bit of the first leg in the light, Hall’s Fell and a good bit of the next leg in the dark.

For an anti-clockwise round:

A bit of a nightmare time to start, not much chance of a sleep beforehand. Effectively the opposite daylight wise of a midnight start on a clockwise round.
A fairly civilised start time but with the Helvellyn section being in the dark

For those intending to attempt a fast (< 20hrs) then 0400 seems to be a popular choice.

Select your intended options on the form to the left. Holding your mouse over certain options will highlight appropriate help text.

Times are adjusted for BST, where necessary. No allowance is made for poor weather or bright moonlight so there may be 30 minutes either way of both these times. Twilight varies between 45 minutes at the winter solstice to 75 minutes at the summer solstice for both morning and evening. You will need JavaScript enabled in your browser and to allow new windows (pop-ups) to be created for this form to work.


The direction option chooses between a clockwise or anti-clockwise round.

Route Option

Some people wish to change the order in which they traverse Sergeant Man and High Raise. Not available if you have more than one schedule in the compare table.


The Rocky Terrain option affects the times between Blencathra and Threlkeld; Bowfell to Scafell and the area around Great Gable.

Road Crossings

The Road Crossing options allow you to fix the length of time at each stop. If left to “0 (auto)” then these times are adjusted according to your schedule.


The options in the Schedule section allow you to use up to three different schedules for the round. There is no need to set all three options - the code will work out the first schedule to reach the Moot Hall.

Default Button

The “Default” button will set your default schedule which will be loaded in to this form the next time you visit this page. It is also the schedule used when clicking on the “Show” button.

Add Button

The “Add” button will add another schedule to the table found under the “Compare” tab. You may add up to four schedules (plus the default).

Reset Button

The “Reset” button will clear the form and revert to the original defaults of the nearest Saturday to midsummer's day.

Show Button

The “Show” button will create a new window containing a table which may be printed.

Advanced users

For those with newer browsers (IE8, Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 or Chrome 4 or later versions) you have the option to add up to four extra schedules to the table on the Compare tab. If there are any such extra columns then the tab title will be along the lines of “Compare (3)”. Once four extra schedules have been added then the “Add” button will be greyed out.

Note that there is no “Save” button or action, everything is saved automatically.

There are various actions that you may perform on these columns. All of these are drag and drop in nature.

trashcan To Delete a column
Click and hold on the column title and drag it on to the dustbin icon. You can't do this with the default column.
swap schedules To make a column the default
Drag the column title on to the twin arrows icon. The column will be swapped with the default. You can't do this with the default column.
printer To create a printable schedule
Drag the column title on to the printer icon. This is the same as clicking the “Show schedule” button on the calculator tab.

You can also right-click on the column title and a pop-up menu will appear with the same options.

Schedule Comparison

The table below allows you to add and compare up to five schedules.

The second column is by default the first schedule you create and it is assumed that it is your intended schedule. By using the “Add” button on the calculator you may add a further four schedules.

The background of those sections on each schedule that will be in twilight have a mid blue colour while the night sections have a dark grey background. Hold your mouse over a cell to see the time take to reach each peak.

You can drag the title of any schedule on to one of the icons below to perform the relevant action. Right clicking on the column title will display the same actions.

  • trash can
  • swap schedule with default
  • print schedule
Start time
  • trash can Delete
  • swap schedules Swap with Default
  • printer Show printable version