On the moors near Stoodley Pike

This is the main page for the running section. My running interests vary from short (5K) races through to half marathons, though most races I enter are actually fell rather than road races. My main objective in running had been to complete the Bob Graham Round, but having succeeded in May 2005, I’ll have to find another challenge - hmm, maybe the Paddy Buckley Round in Snowdonia.

I have completed six half marathons with a best time of 1hr 36 minutes actual running time. This time is based on the fact that unless you are an elite runner then the time of the start of the race is not the time that you actually cross the start line. In this case my official time was 1:37:13 but I took 1 minute 13 seconds to cross the start line from my position in the pack. This latency can get very big: in the Great North Run for example some of the runners at the back of the field can take upto 20 minutes from the official starting time to cross the line!

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