2008 Climbing Diary

This table is little more than an electronic version of a notebook that I keep each year about the climbs that I do. Note that I have only ever recorded those routes in the extreme grades. It may be elitist but in its own peculiar way it forces me to attempt routes that are close to my limit in order to keep the average grade up.

There are links to any trip reports or photos in the notes column.

Note that bolted routes are included in this list and are given French Gradings indicated by F before the grade.

Date Route Grade Led Notes
6 Jan Stoney Middleton
  St Peter E1 y The year gets off to a flying start - took a fall from just above the crux.
  Om E1   Not as damp as last time we did it.
16 Feb Malham
  Friday the 13th E3   Struggled as I’ve not climbed for ages and it was the last route of the day.
16 Mar Giggleswick South
  A Good Walk Ruined F6b+ y Felt very easy.
  Four Iron F6c   Didn’t feel that hard - in fact easier than the next.
  Par Three F6b+   A couple of really hard moves.
  In The Rough F6b y A bit of a one move wonder.
  Slap and Giggle E1   Quite poor. Didn’t lead any of the rest as I was getting weary after the long run yesterday.
  Prime Cut E2   Really pleasant and surprisingly unpolished.
  The Arches E1   Back to one move wonders!
22 Mar Malham
  Begosi ... F6a+ y Yep, the usual warm up.
  Hyperspace F6b+ y Perhaps I hadn’t warmed up - got really pumped on the top wall.
  Frankenstein. F7a+   Not as bad on this as I usually am.
  Sychophants F7a   Again didn’t feel as bad as last year.
30 Mar Malham
  Bella Lugosi ... F6a+ y This is getting boring...
  Rose Coronary F7a   Did as well on this as I’ve ever done. Then my knee gave way so didn’t get much else done.
6 Apr Giggleswick South
  The Ice Hose F6a y Felt very easy.
  The White Spider F6a+ y Again, easy with just one move that you need to think about.
  The Second Icefield F6a+ y Tricky start then pleasant.
  The Constant Gardener F6a y Not done this one before. Began to snow as I was starting it. Everything was wet by the time I got to the top!
13 Apr Giggleswick South
  Two for One F6a y Felt very easy.
  Adjusted Hours F6a+ y Again, easy with just a couple of tricky moves.
  Yorkshire Brambler F6b y Quite awkward to half height.
  Nutbush F6a+ y A bit over bolted!
  Suburban Sprawl F6b y Did the long move statically this time.
  Uptown Girl F6b+ y Very cruxy - the top rib was wet.
  Tusk F6b   Failed to lead.
  Thin Blue Line F6a y Felt as hard as any of the F6bs we had done earlier.
19 Apr Giggleswick South
  Road Block F6c y There’s an F6a way and an F6c way - we chose the latter.
  Freeway F6b y Quite nice but spoilt by the midway ledges.
  Slip Road F6b+ y A nice technical lower wall and a lunge at the top.
  Fallen Heroes F6a+ y Felt hard and was a bit creaky on the lower wall.
  Amical Rivalite F6a+   Had got really cold belaying Mike so failed to lead!
25 Apr Los Frontales, El Chorro
  Puitferio F6a y Supposedly only F5+ but at least as hard as the following and a very long pitch compared to what I’ve been doing so far this year.
  La Chica Pelirroja F6a y Another long route.
  Er Vuelo de los Puelos F6b+ y Supposedly F6a+ but at least a grade harder.
  Superpotencia F6b+   Another sandbag at F6a. Fell off just seconding.
26 Apr Desplomilandia, El Chorro
  Menasastruel F6a+ y A bit too early - we were still in the sun.
  Rantamplan F6a y This and the next route were more British in nature.
  Duplo F6a+ y At least they were graded correctly.
  Efecto Secundario F6a y Some really nice climbing up a red wall and roofs on jugs.
  Vaya Pieza F6b y Sustained and really good climbing.
  Las Cosas de Mike F6a+ y Graunchy start then some totally blank slabs.
  Deberocuerpos F6a+ y Another long route with some good wall climbing.
27 Apr Los Frontales, El Chorro
  Verdes Venones F6b+   A 37m pitch which made lowering off interesting. Good climbing on tufa like rock.
  Unamed crackline F6b y I think this is the warm up line for the Poema de Roca cave routes.
  Frente Popular de Judea F6b+ y A long pitch on Verdonesque type limestone. Some excellent climbing with some long, long moves at the top.
30 Apr Malham
  Begosi ... F6a+ y Yawn.
  Puddlejumper F7a   A bit more working of this (after a year’s break).
11 May Rainbow Slab area, Llanberis slate quarries
  Bella Lugosi is dead E2   Got rained off Cloggy. A bit awkward in non-edging shoes.
  Horse Latitudes F6b   Reasonable climbing.
17 May Robin Proctor’s Scar
  Wheels on Fire F6a+ y Pleasant as ever. A bit of cragging on the way back from the Fairfield race.
  Tombstone Blues F6a y Easy
  Subterranean Homesick Blues F6a+ y A good bit harder than Wheels on Fire.
  Central Buttress F6b y Not done this before - quite good and sustained.
18 May Pot Scar
  L.S.D. E1 y Just part of an easy team afternoon at the crag.
21 May Dib Scar
  Old Dog New Tricks F6a y The start which is on a HVS is the hardest part!
  Nettle Whine F6a+ y Nice long moves between good holds
  Left to Roam F6b y The start is really contrived, the rest isn’t much better!
  Revived Forty Five F6c y Quite sustained.
  Britvic Fifty Five F6c   Just starting to tire.
24 May Trow Gill
  Starter For Ten F6b y Tricky for the grade, but still a poor route
  Tex’s Midnight Runners F6a+ y Another poor route
  Freak Out F6b+ y Brilliant! One of the best routes I have done this year.
  Sunday Best F6a+ y Apart from one long reach, quite easy
  Alick F6b+ y Nice sustained climbing
  Boogie Wonderland F6a y Easy and a bit wandering.
  The Wastelands F6b y Just a couple of awkward moves.
8 June Two Tier Buttress, Cheedale
  Machineries of Joy E1 y Felt really nervous - we’d failed on lots of other things.
17 Aug Robin Proctor’s Scar
  Tombstone Blues F6a y Easy. Took the safe option in trying to get some climbing done.
  Subterranean Homesick Blues F6a+ y A bit damp.
  Wheels on Fire F6a+ y Still good.
  The Inertia Syndrome (Revisited) F6a+ y Starting to feel tired - not surprising given how little climbing I’ve been doing. Then started to rain.
27 Sep Trow Gill
  Blackout in the Big Apple F6a y A short tricky section round the bulge but a poor route.
  Sunday Best F6a+ y Felt easy.
  Alick F6b+   Glad I didn’t lead it as I was beginning to feel tired.
  Boogie Wonderland F6a y Managed to fall off!
  Off the Wagon F6b   Just to tire ourselves out.