History of Site changes.

Date Area Changes
2012-09-18 Biking Added six slideshows following a recent holiday in Somerset and Devon. Quantocks, Exmoor and Dartmoor
2012-05-12 BGR Updated the list with last winter's rounds. This includes Steve Ashworth's unratified sub 19hr round.
2012-05-06 BGR Updated the contact details of the BGR Club membership secretary.
2012-02-01 General Updated the CSS so that tablets and phones get their own look. Rationalised the slideshow pages.
2011-06-20 BGR Updated the calculator code to handle invalid domains. Some people were using "www" in the domain so the AJAX calls wouldn't work. Now added a dialog popup to handle this case.
2011-03-05 BGR Some behind the scenes updates this time. In an effort to have faster page load times I've been combining and minimising some of the javascript that this part of the site runs on. Of course this wasn't quite as straight-forward as I'd have liked and getting one or two things in to shape took longer than I'd expected. All the BGR pages now use the bgr-app file as this contains all but the jQuery code so future updates will be easier to roll out.
2011-02-15 Running Updated the Paddy Buckley Round calculator to match that now used in the BGR version. Also updated the notes to take advantage of things like the light status and the popups about each peak.
2011-02-12 BGR Updated the BGR calculator with completely new code. This has allowed me to add new features to the other pages that rely on the settings on that page. One such update is when the user hovers their mouse over a peak's name a popup appears with relevant time and light status information.
2011-01-31 Climbing Added a slideshow of climbing Comb Gully on Ben Nevis.
2011-01-13 BGR Updated the list of successes with those from 2010 which was a bumper year with 88 successful completions. Also update the 50 at 50 page as one success was in this category.
2010-11-17 General Google Maps has moved to a new version so updated the various pages that use this code. The new version of code has more features and is somewhat streamlined compared to previous versions.
2010-11-17 BGR Added driving directions between the road crossing points to the logistics page. The new Google Maps API has an easy method of adding directions to the maps as well as drawing the route on the map. I've used this to show the driving routes between the road crossing points. The map and directions are displayed by clicking on the relevant row in the table describing each road crossing.
2010-11-08 General Changed the font for the menus as the Google web font didn't look too good on Windows platforms in that size. The code for the slideshows wasn't being linked in. I'd updated the code but not uploaded it. Ooops!
2010-10-03 BGR Updated the calculator to have warning boxes and allow right-clicking on column headers. Some actions such as deleting the default schedule are not allowed so I've added popup dialog boxes to show the user that this is the case if they try to do it. I've also added context menus that appear when the column header is right-clicked. These allow the same actions as the drag and drop facility. The app version is now 1.3.0
2010-09-14 BGR Updated the schedule estimator code. The code behind the estimator hadn't been updated to take account of the newer data structures so it was giving odd results. I also took the opportunity to update the front end.
2010-09-07 General Updated the site style. This uses web fonts from Google.
2010-09-07 BGR Added the ability for users to create and compare multiple schedules. This is only available to those using recent browsers - IE8+, FF3.5+, Safari 4+ or Chrome. There is also a new help tag on the page.
2010-08-22 Biking Added three new slideshows from a week in Scotland.
2010-08-07 BGR Enabled user editing of the route notes for those using recent browser versions. HTML5 gives browser the ability to store much more data locally than was possible with cookies. This, combined with the ability to edit content means that users can add their own notes to those I've provided and keep them.
2010-07-29 BGR Have added an RSS feed from the Bob Graham forum on the FRA website. I've pulled in the simplepie PHP library and will be slowly replacing the Yahoo Pipes based feeds with ones fed by simplepie. I had to use Pipes on the previous host as PHP wasn't supported by them.
2010-07-17 BGR The schedule on the training page was a little prescriptive. Replaced it with a set of tabs giving general advice on training for distance and ascent/descent.
2010-07-01 Climbing Added a slideshow on a recent trip to Carnmore Crag in the Fisherfield Forest in NW Scotland.
2010-06-29 BGR There was a slight bug in the calculator code that as well as swapping Sergeant Man and High Raise also swapped Rossett Pike and Bowfell round by mistake. When I'd updated the calculator code I'd also missed one or two pages that relied on a particular order. This meant that those pages didn't show the correct data when in anti-clockwise mode.
2010-06-14 BGR Since I was using jQuery to populate the maps on the info pages with markers I felt that it could be further used to make the navigation a bit easier. The info pages were presented as just one big block of info even though it was all pulled in as separate code snippets. All in all it was a bit overwhelming. So each block of information is now accessed via a tab at the head of the page.
2010-05-13 BGR More updates on the calculator that I'd missed from the previous update. The actual schedule is now printed in the first paragraph. Since there are three possible schedules that may be used, these are now differentiated in the generated table by having different coloured backgrounds.
2010-05-08 BGR Updated the calculator code to allow multiple paces in a schedule. The calculator previously used just a single pace, say 22hr, for its calculations, now there is the possibility of using three speeds to allow for different strategies. The user can also make allowances for rocky terrain. This update also fixes a bug in the estimator page that meant that IE users couldn't use it. Finally the calculator code had been duplicated several times because the initial version was bound to the form on the page. The code has been refactored so that now there is just one block of code that adjusts to perform whatever it is being asked.
2010-04-19 BGR Updated the route notes in various ways. The code that determines dusk, dark and dawn now adds a title to the text so that it indicates this fact. The markers on the Google maps now have info popups.
2010-04-05 Running Added more geotag data and tidying up. The slide show of my first BGR attempt has been given tagging info as has the route description of the Paddy Buckley Round.
2010-04-04 BGR Sorted out the code behind the estimator page. It is now not possible to select the start and end points out of sequence. Made the JavaScript unobtrusive in the now accepted manner. More geotagging data added - the logistics page now has this as has the slideshow of my first attempt on the BGR.
2010-04-02 BGR The route details now show the light levels next to the description. This uses values from the calculator to determine which parts are in dusk, night or dawn and then marks these up with light grey border on the right-hand side for dawn/dusk and a dark grey border for nighttime.
2010-03-28 BGR The Google Map on each leg information page now shows markers for various locations. Red markers are for summits; blue markers are for water sources and yellow markers are points mentioned in the notes. There's no popup bubble associated with any of them though.
2010-03-24 BGR Added a Google Map to each of the Leg info pages. Each of the five leg information pages now has an extra map at the foot of the route description with a line showing the route. This is in addition to the route trace map at the foot of the page.
2010-03-24 General Added buttons for social link sites. Finally added links to Digg, Delicious, etc. We'll just have to see if they increase traffic.
2010-03-21 General Updated the slideshow code to take account of GeoLocation data. This shows the point from which the photo was taken (give or take a few metres).
2010-03-21 Running Added a new running gallery page. Also added slideshows for a day supporting a Ramsay Round and a day out on the Calder Valley Round.
2010-03-20 General There were some bits of tidying up to do after the update, things like getting rid of embedded styles and event handlers.
2010-03-15 General A major update. Almost a redesign from the ground up with a new look for good measure.
2010-03-15 BGR A redesign of how the data is presented. The calculator now accepts 15min steps. There is a page for user updates.
2009-10-22 General Added mobile CSS stylesheets, a bit awkward testing especially on the iPhone which insists on ignoring the handheld media type.
2009-10-17 General Finally got round to adding the knots section in the new format. One or two slight tweeks to the CSS.
2009-10-11 General Finally fixed a bit of layout in the photo pages that was bugging me. The portrait format photos are now centred and have drop shadows.
2009-10-07 General Fixed a problem where I'd messed up an include for an IE CSS stylesheet. Apologies to those who have to suffer that browser.
2009-10-03 BGR As part of my general move to remove as much javascript as possible from the site, I've replaced the visitor comments code with PHP. This randomises the results so everyone gets a fair share of the fame.
2009-09-30 General Site update details are now held in a database. Each index page of the various sections also shows a small number of relevant updates.
2009-09-19 BGR Fixed a bug in the calculator code concerning the calculation of twilight. This varies throughout the year and the code makes a closest guess as it is dependent on the amount of cloud cover.
2009-09-18 General Fixed a bug in the slideshow code that occurred when clicking the next or previous arrows. Finally got rid of some old experimental slideshow code that had been hanging around.
2009-09-16 General Updated the slideshow code to have a magnifying lens effect as you hover the mouse over the links.
2009-09-14 General Added a custom 404 page.
2009-08-19 Biking Added a couple of slideshows on rides in the Outer Hebrides.
2009-07-27 General Added the ability to have dynamic images in articles.
2009-07-16 General Updated the comments page to use Captchas.
2009-07-08 General Added drop shadows to images on the site though not in the slideshows as this will need more work.
2009-07-06 Climbing Added a page (and slide show) about a climbing trip to the Costa Daurada.
2009-06-28 Biking Added a slide show of a weekend mountain biking on the Long Mynd above Church Stretton just south of Shrewsbury.
2009-06-21 General Updated the front page to use a little less Javascript.
2009-06-20 BGR Added a page about environmental concerns to the BG section.
2009-06-16 General After a bit of hassle with the webspace from my ISP including the deletion of the whole site, I have finally moved the whole site to a new location and URL. This will allow me to use PHP and MySQL.