Notes and Acknowledgements

The site has been HTML4.1 compliant for some time now, with the latest updates I have begun to pull in some HTML5 features and have validated against the current (as of March 2010) validation service.

If you do not have JavaScript enabled then quite a lot of functionality in the site will be unavailable as I make fairly heavy use of its features, particularly in the running section where the calculators and leg tracing code are all script driven. In addition all photos not in a slideshow are thumbnails that link via a script to the full picture. The slide shows are dynamically generated by JavaScript as well.

This site uses cookies in a limited way. One cookie is used to record settings in the running calculators. A cookie is also used to record which form of menu is in use in the Bob Graham section.

Despite offers, I hope not to have to use adverts to keep the site going. Web hosting isn’t too expensive these days so I prefer to take the hit myself.


Code reuse is always to be recommended. Much of the Javascript that runs most of this site is based on the work of others so here are the guilty parties ...

The show_photo JavaScript function was taken from this HTML tutorial and modified a little to do more along the lines of what I wanted it to do.

The daylight calculator used in the running section uses code originally written by Juergen Giesen, and came from GeoAstro

The Easter day (and consequently the easter Monday and Good Friday) calculations are based on code from

The captcha code came from

The JQuery library is used to run the site map page, with the actual code coming from issue 163 of Web Designer magazine.