Printed works

The following lists the articles that I have had published in British climbing magazines. The list is not great as I have usually attempted to try something different from the “I did this route then I did that route” type of article and this has not always gone down well with editors :-(.

  • A Dog’s Life A satirical look at the climbing scene at Malham Cove in the mid to late 1980s. Published in Climber 1994.
  • The Wild West Published to coincide with the FRCC guide to Pillar and Gable which lie in the west of the English Lake District. Published in Climber in October 1991.
  • A cold night A tale based on true events (they happened to me) on a trip to K7 in the Pakistan Karakorum. Never published.
  • Dolomites An account of my first trip to the Dolomites in northern Italy. Published in Climber in August 1996.
  • Bowfell An account of ascents of classic and new routes on Bowfell. Published in Climber and Hillwalker in January 1991.

Odds ’n’ Sods

The remainder of the links on the left are for various bits of writing that don’t really fit in anywhere in particular. There’s a couple of background pieces; an expansion of a piece that I wrote on a climbing forum about the UK grading system; and an errata page for a guidebook I co-authored.