Bob Wightman

Summit Descriptions

Here are descriptions of all the summit areas of the tops on the Bob Graham Round.

The title of each top links to Ann Bowker’s site where there is a fantastic set of panoramas from all the tops that are in the Wainright series of books. This does mean that Ill Crag and Broad Crag don’t have their own panoramas since they are only included as sub-chapters in the Scafell Pike section.

No. Name of Top Height (m) Summit description
1Skiddaw931The summit area is in the shape of an upturned boat with the actual summit at the Northern end. There is a cairn and an OS trig point at the highest point.
2Great Calva690Despite being a heathery fell, the summit area is quite rocky. There are two summits about 100m apart and linked by a wire fence with the Northern one being the higher
3Blencathra868The summit area is grassy and gently sloping to the north. The summit is marked by a small cairn at the top of Hall's Fell Ridge.
4Clough Head726A grassy summit area. There is an OS trig point and a stone shelter at the highest point.
5Great Dodd857A large summit area with a cairn at the Northern end and a stone shelter at the Southern. In between is a rise that appears to be higher than either. Assume that the cairn is the highest point.
6Watson Dodd784The least pronounced summit on the round. A cairn at the western end of the grassy plateau, overlooking Thirlmere marks the highest point.
7Stybarrow Dodd843A grassy summit area with three cairns. The Northern cairn is the summit.
8Raise883An extensive rocky summit area. That part to the south is less rocky but extends for some distance. The summit is marked by a large cairn just to the East of the main path.
9White Side862A stony, but fairly small summit area with a large cairn marking the top.
10Helvellyn Lower man920A rocky top with a small cairn situated at the top of the North ridge being the highest point.
11Helvellyn945A lot of summit furniture on this one! The highest point is marked by an OS trig point on the edge of the northern escarpment dropping down to Red Tarn. A shelter made of cross of stone walls lies around 50m SE.
12Nethermost Pike891A flat summit plateau with several cairns. That at the Northern end probably being the highest point.
13Dollywaggon Pike858The summit is a narrowing ridge with a small cairn at the Northern end overlooking Grizedale marking the top.
14Fairfield873A broad rocky plateau with the summit marked by a large, low cairn-shelter.
15Seat Sandal736A flat summit area with several rocky outcrops. An old drystone wall runs along the top and the summit is marked by a cairn near to this.
16Steel Fell549A prominent summit with the highest point close to a corner in the wire fence.
17Calf Crag531A confusing summit area, especially in mist. The highest point is a rocky ridge with a small cairn, just to the West of the path leading to Helm Crag.
18Sergeant Man726A rocky ridge rising from the surrounding moor marks the summit. Popular with walkers taking their lunch.
19High Raise760The summit area is a large grassy dome interspersed with peat hags and pools. The summit is marked by an OS trig point and a large stone shelter.
20Thunacar Knott723A wide summit plateau with many small rocky tors which can be confusing in mist. The summit is marked by a cairn.
21Harrison Stickle736The summit area is a well defined rocky plateau with the highest point at the Northern end.
22Pike O Stickle709One of the best defined summits in the district. A cairn marks the highest point though this is hardly without doubt.
23Rossett Pike651The summit lies at the southern end of a long rocky ridge, overlooking Rossett Gill. It is marked by a small cairn. Note that there is another cairn to the East overlooking Langdale but this is lower.
24Bowfell902A large and very rocky summit area with the top being a prominent rise at the Southern end.
25Esk Pike885A rocky summit with the actual top being a cairn to the north of the path which lies in a curious cutting.
26Great End910A broad stony plateau with two possible tops. Wainwright reckons the Eastern one to be higher, though there is little in it.
27Ill Crag931A rocky ridge at the Southern end of a wide stony plateau marks the summit.
28Broad crag935Perhaps the roughest summit in Lakeland. A large rock among equals marks the top.
29Scafell Pike978The summit is defined by a large stone built platform. This is usually hidden by collapsed Three Peak Challengers.
30Scafell964The highest point lies to the South of a broad saddle and consists of several stone shelters and cairns.
31Yewbarrow628A simple summit with a small cairn atop a rocky ridge.
32Red Pike816The summit area is a sloping plateau with a steep drop to the North overlooking Mosedale. The summit is marked by a large cairn on the very edge of this drop.
33Steeple802The summit is atop a well defined pyramid lying to the north of the main Ennerdale escarpment.
34Pillar892The summit area is a small stony plateau with the highest point marked by an OS trig point and small stone shelter.
35Kirkfell802The top of Kirkfell is a very large plateau with two prominent tops separated by small tarns. That to the South is the highest and the summit is marked by a large cairn.
36Great Gable899One of the rockiest tops in the district. The summit overlooks Wasdale and is marked by a cairn and a memorial plaque.
37Green Gable801The summit area is a mixture of rock and grass sloping to the north with a rough cliff facing South. The top is marked by a large cairn.
38Brandreth715An indistinct top with several points being contenders for the highest point. The most likely is the central cairn.
39Grey Knotts697A fine little summit with a small cairn sitting atop a large rocky ridge.
40Dale Head753The summit area is a ridge, defined on the north by a steep drop into Newlands valley but gentler slopes to the South. The ridge is rocky to the West but the summit is marked by a cairn at the Eastern end.
41Hindscarth727A non-descript stony summit area with a large cairn marking the highest point.
42Robinson737The summit area consists of two parallel rocky ridges with the top marked by a cairn on the Western one.