Bob Wightman

2007 Climbing Diary

This table is little more than an electronic version of a notebook that I keep each year about the climbs that I do. Note that I have only ever recorded those routes in the extreme grades. It may be elitist but in its own peculiar way it forces me to attempt routes that are close to my limit in order to keep the average grade up.

There are links to any trip reports or photos in the notes column.

Note that bolted routes are included in this list and are given French Gradings indicated by F before the grade.

1 AprilWater-Cum-Jolly
 Fear of FlyingE2 Not been climbing for ages.
 PalmoliveE1 Short technical section.
 Dead Tree CrackE1 Tricky groove climbing.
 Sweet FAE1 Beginning to tire - describes what was left in the tank!
13 AprilTrow Gill
 The Great Big OnionF6ayVery easy - especially if you can do off-widths!
 Clapham in IronsF6a+yA couple of tricky sections.
 AlickF6b+ Good and sustained climbing.
 Off the WagonF6a+yVery easy apart from a 3m section in the middle.
 Boogie WonderlandF6a Started to tire, so began going for mileage.
 Ash Tree GrooveF6b+ Made a right pig’s ear of the top groove.
20 AprilDib Scar
 Old Dog New TricksF6a Greasy and damp. Not too confident today so only seconded.
 Nettle WhineF6a+ Pumped already due to the cold!
 SlimlineE1 An awkward start but OK after that.
 Natural Born RunnersE2  
 Britvic Fifty FiveF6c Actually felt fairly easy because things had dried out through the afternoon.
27 AprilGiggleswick South
 Under PressureF6ayEasy for the grade but OK as a warm up.
 Bella CalcioF6byGood climbing - nicely technical with interesting moves.
 Mi Vida LocaF6c Perhaps I wasn’t warmed up!
 NutbushF6a+yStill feeling pumped from the previous route.
 City LimitsE2 Perhaps the hardest moves we did all day.
 Suburban SprawlF6byJust one long move (or jump) with a lot of easier climbing.
 Real GoneF6b Starting to feel tired now.
13 MayMalham
 HyperspaceF6b+yBit of a shock for the first route of the day. Got totally pumped!
 The Scene of the CrimeF6c Still pumped from the previous route.
 Rose CoronaryF7a Had a good break between the last route and this - managed it better than I have done for a long while.
15 MayMalham
 Bella Lugosi and the Ledge LizardsF6a+yThe more usual warm up.
 SychophantsF7a Working it - definitely got easier as the evening went on.
19 MayMalham
 Bella Lugosi and the Ledge LizardsF6a+yThe usual warm up again.
 SychophantsF7a Working it - just found it hard today.
 PuddlejumperF7a Just on top rope - could do all the moves so may be better going for this on the redpoint.
20 MayFroggatt
 BrightsideE2 Technical moves out of Swimmer’s Chimney.
26 MayBlack Crag, Borrowdale
 RaindropE1yStraightforward climbing apart from the top groove.
26 MayReecastle
 Rack - Finger Flake FinishE2 Still find the HVS part of the Rack as hard as the rest of this route.
 ThumbscrewE3 Felt weary, which led to sloppy footwork making it harder than it should be.
29 MayRylstone
 Monument CrackE1 Very cold and windy - had hands like blocks of ice. Fell off the initial bulge! Spent the rest of the evening on HVSs.
10 JuneHigh Crag Buttermere
 Nebucharnezzar’s DreamE1 Nice sustained climbing.
 GethsemeneE1 Very easy for the grade.
 The PhilistineE1 I’d forgotten just how good this was - one of the best routes of its grade anywhere.
17 JuneMillstone Edge
 Embankment Route 3E1yCompletely different to what I have been climbing so far this year. so I took a fall!
 Regent StreetE2 Just knackered - don’t know what was up with me today but I struggled on everything.
24 JuneMalham
 Bella Lugosi and the Ledge LizardsF6a+yThe usual warm up again.
 PuddlejumperF7ayBasically, worked it - got most of it in one link, just need to sort the first 3 metres or so.
28 JulyRobin Proctor’s Scar
 Wheels on FireF6a+yThe usual warm up here - which just happens to be the best route on the crag. Not been out for ages.
 The Inertia SyndromeF6a+yNot led this one before.
 Storm ForceF6byNot done this one before.
 Second WindF6a+yA bit of a one move wonder.
 Sportingle WallF6a+ Quite loose and not at all pleasant.
26 AugustChee Tor
 Match of the DayE2 Really pleasant climbing.
 FlycatcherE1 Much harder than Match of the Day.
1 SeptemberStanage
 Left UnconquerableE1 Just as good as its better known twin.
 NamenlosE1yOne of the few classic Stanage E1s that I’ve never done before.
 Millsom’s MinionE1 Found the pockets on the start of Billiard Buttress to be the hardest bit!
15 SeptemberGreat Wolfrey
 Shades of GreenE3 Failed to lead. However it is never E3, more like bottom end E2.
29 SeptemberStanage
 Death and Night and BloodE1 My two hundredth route on the crag.
 Tales of Yankee PowerE1 A bit of a micro route.
 Flaky WallE1 Very hollow.
 BastilleE1 The hardest of this three.
8 OctoberRunning Hill Pits
 GomorrahE1 Easier than the HVS to the left.
14 OctoberStoney Middleton
 ManiE1 Very mirky and damp so just top-roped everything.
 This Wall!E2 A bit of loose rock on this.
 OmE1 Again damp in the drizzle.
20 OctoberBlack Crag, Pike O’ Blisco
 Glass SlipperE2yA long time since I’ve done this. Nice and delicate.
 Sleep on my PillowE1 Not done this before - delicate despite its steepness.
3 NovemberBrimham
 RotiferE1 Just top-roped it, have soloed it years ago.
25 NovemberGiggleswick South
 The Second IcefieldF6a+yFelt easier than the grade.
 The White SpiderF6ayGood climbing but a bit damp.
 The Ice HoseF6ayReally quite nice climbing. Don’t remember Yew trees on the North Face!
 The Flat IronF6a+yBeginning to get tired.
 The Exit CracksF6b Definitely tired.
 The Hinterstoisser TraverseF6b Being a traverse, no point in both leading.