Knots and Hitches

Once you begin to use a rope, then knots and hitches become part of your life. Knowing the uses of the various knots, along with their strengths and weaknesses, is essential for things to run smoothly. In the mountains or in extremis this knowledge can be vital.

Each link below will bring up a page containing a set of photos that describe how to tie the knot. There is also a table containing a summary of information about that knot.

Before having to rely on these knots in a risky situation, please ensure that you have practised tying them in a safe environment.

Please note that these pages are under construction so some features may not be complete.


  • Bowline
  • The Figure of Eight knot
  • The reef knot
  • The Overhand Knot
  • The Double Fishermans Knot
  • The Clove Hitch
  • The Alpine Butterfly Knot
  • The Prussik Knot