Mont Blanc, The 100 best routes

This table is a list of the routes in the coffee table book Mont Blanc Massif - the 100 Best Routes by Gaston Rebuffat along with details of my ascents of them.

This book was the only one of the series to be translated into English. The general idea behind the book is that a debutante alpiniste can start at the first route and work their way through to the harder routes at the end, learning the alpine craft as they go. With advances in ice climbing that came about shortly after the book was published, many of the snow and ice routes are somewhat out of order - the north face of Les Droites is a good example of this. Similarly the free-climbing revolution of the 1970s raised the game as far as rock routes were concerned. The grades given are those from the Alpine Club guides to the range.

There are links to any trip reports or photos in the notes column. The table is colour coded: No-colour = Not done it; green=done it; dark blue = tried it; orange = done one or more of the group

Chap Route and Crag Grade Date Notes

The following table indicates the numbers of the routes that I have done at each grade.

Area Total Done Remaining