Bob Wightman

2008 Diary

This is my running diary for 2008. Personal bests are noted with a green background. Best times over a particular course are noted with a dark blue background.

There are links to any race results in the notes column.

31 Dec6Auld Lang Syne63mins (provsional)Really cold and foggy - the ground was frozen. Surprised to do as well as I did.
29 Dec3Hill reps round home. A nighttime run. A bit of warm up loop then four hill reps.
27 Dec13Run on Howgills.3hrs 35minsBack still sore but otherwise a lovely but cold day out on the tops.
26 Dec3Kildwick Pinnacle.27minsThe run part of the duathalon though could hardly run as my back was really sore.
22 Dec6Run to top of fell and back.approx 60mins One of the night time races - would have come next to last but some people got lost!
14 Dec6Run to top of fell and back.61mins 53Really boggy now the snow has melted.
7 Dec5Road run round home.43minsJust a gentle jog back to town to pick the car up. Unfortunately got a parking ticket! Roads were a bit icy.
30 Nov11Along the Pennine Way and back.1hr 52minsCool and icy which meant taking care as the ground was really cut up.
29 Nov6Run to top of fell and back.61mins 29Boggy and icy! Nice to be running above a temperature inversion and in the setting sun.
28 Nov5Road run round home.43mins 06Just a steady trot as I have a sore knee. Also dressed up to the nines as it was meant to be really cold and ended up boiling!
25 Nov8Training run round Ilkely.65minsSteady jog really but with two x mile efforts at just over 6mins per mile.
24 Nov5Road run round home.42mins 10Not so much of an improvement tonight but still quicker. A bit raw - cool and damp.
20 Nov5Road run round home.42mins 20Felt a bit better even though it was very windy at the start.
18 Nov5Road run round home.43mins 04Felt hard work for some reason.
12 Nov5Road run round home.43mins 32First run since coming off my bike last week. Still a bit stiff but good to be out.
2 Nov11Along the Pennine Way and back.1hr 45minsSet out a bit late and it was getting dark by the time I got home.
29 Oct3Road run round home.25mins 37Quite cold and with a cool breeze.
27 Oct5Road run round home.41mins 51First night-time run of the year.
21 Oct5Road run round home.41mins 25First time for ages due to knee problems. Was OK up to 2/3rds of the way round then slowed somewhat.
7 Oct5Road run round home.41mins 56Took it steady but my knee was hurting a bit.
5 Oct3Road run round home.26mins 09Just about the first time I have felt like doing any running since last week. Legs felt tight.
28 Sep27.6Wycoller Hoof.5hrs 59minsCame fourth. Meant to be 26 miles but GPS gave it as that listed. Some rough terrain. Hard on the knees.
25 Sep5Up onto the fell and back.51mins 04Jeez that was slow!
23 Sep5Road run round home.41mins 49A gentle jog round in the evening sunshine.
18 Sep5Road run round home.41mins 10A warm evening. Took it steady as both my knees are sore.
16 Sep9Club run round Ilkley.1hr 13minsSteady away in the rain.
14 Sep9.5Settle Loop race.1hr 21mins 20The first running of this race, came 49th out of 72.
12 Sep5Road run round home.40mins 04Quite humid but felt like pushing it a bit.
10 Sep9Road run round home.1hr 14mins 15Felt a lot easier now that I’ve got a few more miles in my legs.
7 Sep3.5Bradley fell race.36mins 36First race for ages. Very wet underfoot in places! My slowest time ever :-( Full results here
6 Sep9Road run round home.1hr 17mins 02One or two really heavy showers. Even had someone to run with for the last mile or so.
4 Sep5Road run round home.40mins 25Pleasantly warm.
2 Sep5.5Part road, part off-road run round Ilkley.50minsTook in some rather wet fields.
31 Aug7Run round the hills near home.1hr 12Really hard work as the grass is very long at the moment.
30 Aug5Road run round home.41mins 37Very humid.
27 Aug10The Merrick.2hrsFrom Bruce’s Stone up to the top of The Merrick and back.
25 Aug6Along the Southern Upland Way. An out and back run along good vehicle tracks.
18 Aug3Road run round home.24mins 34Felt weary in my legs so just a short out and back up the hill.
16 Aug5Road run round home.39mins 14Felt quite a bit better. Very windy.
14 Aug5Road run round home.39mins 28Quite warm. Starting to feel better.
12 Aug5Road run round home.40mins 26Quite warm. Legs felt stiff from Sunday.
10 Aug5Road run round home.42mins 57First run for ages. Very windy but just managed to avoid the showers.
22 July5Road run round home.40mins 54Warm and humid - yuck!
20 July6To the top of the fell and back.63mins 48First off-road run, so took it very steady, still suffering from the cold.
17 July5Road run round home.42mins 14Still recovering.
15 July3Road run round home.28mins 06A very steady jog as I have had a cold/cough for the past week.
8 July5Road run round home.40mins 42Really quite windy. Felt sluggish.
6 July5Road run round home.42mins 07Even quicker! Probably frustration at my despondency at the crag today.
5 July5Road run round home.40mins 26A bit humid in amongst the thunderstorms but surprised to improve so much.
3 July5Road run round home.42mins 23Felt quite a bit better today.
1 July5Road run round home.43mins 28Very humid - not good having put on weight.
29 June5Road run round home.43mins 18Decided to push the distance a bit but keep the pace down.
27 June3Road run round home.26mins 25Another short run, beginning to feel better about things. Quite wet though.
25 June3Road run round home.26minsFirst run that I wouldn’t count as a rehab run just on the flat.
9 Apr3Road run round home. Basically just a jog to see if my knee is any better. A couple of small twinges but otherwise OK.
18 Mar8Road run round Ilkley.67minsJust a long steady jog. Tweaked my knee at the end though.
15 Mar32Wuthering Hike6hrs 18mins 40Allowing for the extra two miles since last time I did it, I did OK. Didn’t blow up until very nearly the end.
13 Mar5Road run round home.41mins 30A morning run for once - at 6am!
11 Mar9Road run round home.1hr 18mins 43The storm of the winter apparently. Yeah right! Just took it steady, keeping my heart rate to 150 or so.
9 Mar6To top of fell and back.1hr 2mins 43Very wet! A choice between muddy water and watery mud. Hail and snow showers too!
7 Mar8Road run round home.68mins 07Very windy. Also pulled a muscle on inside of thigh.
4 Mar9.5Club run round Ilkley. Warm up then hill efforts and warm down.
2 Mar5Road run round home.41mins 20Very windy, just getting dark as I got back. Not run for a couple of weeks due to a chest infection then a skiing holiday.
15 Feb5Run back from work.45minsNo real rush, I was wearing a sack so took it easy.
14 Feb5Road run round home.40mins 54Just took it steady as I’ve had a cough for the last few days.
5 Feb5.6Club run round Ilkley.54minsJust a steady recovery run.
3 Feb3Road run round home.26minsJust a slow recovery run in the cold and wind - a bit of a battle actually.
2 Feb22Rombald’s Stride.3hrs 53minsHard work! Lots of wintery showers and ice on the ground.
29 Jan8Club run in Ilkley.60minsThe middle four miles were a tempo run with the remainder being a warm up and down.
27 Jan7Stanbury Splash.64mins 51Felt really tired. Came 170th
24 Jan5Road run round home.40mins 32Very, very windy so was surprised to do a reasonable time.
22 Jan5.5Club run round Ilkley.~50minsJust very steady - most in the group were taking it as a recovery run.
19 Jan13The first part of leg 3 of the BGR.3hr 50mins Went as far as Bowfell with Geoff Hibbert - helping him recce it.
17 Jan5Road run round home.40mins 51Back to being windy again! Still a bit tired from last night.
16 Jan5Road run round home.40mins 05A lot pleasanter :-).
14 Jan8Road run round home.1hr 8mins 57Really wild! Could hardly run into the wind at times. Managed to avoid the worst of the rain though.
11 Jan5Road run round home.41mins 01Quite warm and humid. Just went steady.
7 Jan 5On roads around home42mins 01Really windy and quite cold.
5 Jan 9On roads around home1hr 19mins 15Very windy plus I’ve still not recovered from this cold.
1 Jan 7Run to Embsay to pick up the car55minsJust took it steady as I am still recovering from a cold.


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