Bob Wightman

2006 Diary

This is my running diary for 2006. Personal bests are noted with a green background. Best times over a particular course are noted with a dark blue background.

There are links to any race results in the notes column.

1 Jan 5 run on roads round home41mins 31Cool and breezy - took it steady but surprised at how slow I was.
3 Jan 9 run on roads round home1hr 13mins 38Cool and clear with a partial moon so good running.
5 Jan 4.5Run down to the station32mins 23Had to run down to the station to pick the car up :-).
6 Jan 4.5Run up from the station37mins 12Not as long as I thought I would take as I also had a sack.
8 Jan 8Garstang 10K (+ 2 miles warm up)42mins 23Took ages to get across the start but only 4 seconds slower than last year. However there was a very disorganised start and it took nearly 30 seconds to cross the start line due to getting pushed towards the back of the field.
9 Jan 7 run on roads round home61mins 50Cool and very windy - took it steady as a recovery run but the wind made it a real battle.
11 Jan 5 run on roads round home39mins 03A cool night with a bright moon. Felt pretty good.
12 Jan 5 run on roads round home39mins 16Quite a bit windier than last night.
13 Jan 4.5Run up from the station Just went steady - no idea what time I took as I hadn't a watch.
15 Jan 11.2 run on roads round home1hr 39mins 29Quite breezy - took it steady as I was just after time on my feet.
17 Jan 8 run with the club around Ilkley65minsVery warm considering it is January. More of a recovery run than anything else.
19 Jan 4.5 run down to the station33minsWarm and drizzly - I was going to get wet whatever!
20 Jan 4.5Run up from the station38minsVery, very windy, in fact a headwind - it was as hard to run on the flat as uphill.
23 Jan 9To the station and back Very foggy in the morning but quite pleasant in the evening on the way back.
24 Jan 5 run on roads round home40mins 27Just a steady run.
1 Feb9 run on roads round home1hr 12mins 57Cold and virtually completely dark so surprised to do it in a quick time.
2 Feb9To the station and back Getting lighter in the mornings now so not quite so frightening amongst the traffic.
4 Feb25Rombolds Way3hrs 39minsCurious weather - foggy and quite warm but with quite a bit of frozen ground. Did OK upto Menston but bonked and slowed dramatically.
6 Feb3To the next village and back. A gentle jog - as much for recovery as anything else.
7 Feb8Club run67minsVery windy. Just a steady 8min per mile recovery run.
9 Feb9To the station and back Almost full daylight in the morning but it was completely dark by the time I finished work.
11 Feb5Wadsworth Trog Was going steady away then tweeked my ankle again so decided to retire.
12 Feb5Run into town to pick the car up Rather wet!
14 Feb5 run on roads round home39mins 49Warm and breezy - feels good to be running again after the disappointment of the weekend.
15 Feb9 run on roads round home1hr 14mins 39Cool and breezy - took it steady but ran all the way.
18 Feb9 run on roads round home1hr 10mins 07A lovely clear and still day - nice to run in daylight for once.
19 Feb5.8An out and back run un on hills from home55mins 06Very wet and heavy underfoot, but otherwise pleasant running conditions.
21 Feb8Club run round Ilkley64minsA steady pace but it felt much quicker.
25 Feb9 run on roads round home1hr 15mins 36Cold and very windy - there was ice on the road in places. Took it steady but gor round in a reasonable time.
26 Feb5Ilkley Fell Race55mins 03Cool and breezy - not done this race before - found it very hard.
28 Feb8 run on roads round home1hr 9mins 22Sub-zero and very windy with it. I was going to do the nine mile run but was getting pretty cold so cut it short.
2 Mar9 run on roads round home1hr 15mins 05Another sub-zero night but with no wind this time.
4 Mar10.5 over Barden Moor2hr 1minCool and breezy. A bit of run to run in the snow that fell yesterday - the sun had melted the top of the earth which made running awkward.
7 Mar8Club run in Ilkley65minsHill reps.
11 Mar9Half Tour of Pendle91mins 37Hard work! Just didn't seem to get going well at all.
13 Mar5 run on roads round home41mins 01Cool and breezy - took it steady but surprised at how slow I was.
14 Mar9 run on roads round home67mins 31Down to the station and back as the normal roads were a bit icy.
18 Mar6To the top of the fell and back57mins 24Pulled in the whole of the local race with warm up and warm down either side.
22 Mar5On the roads round home39mins 50Just steady away really.
25 Mar9run on roads round home1hr 15mins 08A pleasant day but felt really dead in the legs - had to walk bits that I normally fly along.
26 Mar6To the top of the fell and back62minsVery boggy with all the recent rain. Also felt really hard work.
31 Mar9run on roads round home1hr 15mins 30Another day felt really dead in the legs - had to walk bits that I normally fly along.
4 April9.5Club run round Ilkley1hr 16minsMostly on road but with about 1 mile off-road. The group split into two so I went with the faster group.
5 April6To the top of the fell and back57mins 20Still wet underfoot but felt better than last time out.
8 April6To the top of the fell and back59mins 48Felt good but the recent heavy rain has made the going tough.
11 April7Club run round Ilkley60minsCool and breezy but a fine evening. Still heavy going underfoot.
13 Apr6To the top of the fell and back57mins 15A lot drier than the other day but very windy on the climb to the top.
16 Apr9On tracks round the hills from home1hr 19mins 30Everything is drying up well now. A breezy warm day.
18 Apr7On tracks round Ilkley1hr 19mins 30Quite a warm evening but still some cool air around in the hollows.
21 Apr6To the top of the fell and back54mins 45Nice and warm, things feeling a lot better. Best time to date.
22 Apr17The Moelwyn section of the Paddy Buckley5hrs 15minsMisty on top. Very heavy going, ended up cutting short from Bwlch Cwmorthin to Cnicht. A hard bit of ground to cover.
25 Apr6To the top of the fell and back57minsVery windy. Getting drier.
27 Apr6To the top of the fell and back54mins 48Now basically dry. Felt tired though.
30 Apr10Wasdale section of the BGR2hrs 45minsBasically recceing for Craig’s round in a couple of weeks. Didn't go over to Honister but cut back down to Wasdale.
2 May6To the top of the fell and back55mins 45Blowing a hoolie! Went steady but still did quite a good time.
3 May6The local fell race28mins 45A lovely evening - happy to get under 30mins. The distance includes running to and from the race.
6 May10The fell part of leg 5 of the BGR2hrs 25minsA lovely sunny day. Ran out and back to refresh the route in my mind for pacing in a couple of weeks.
8 May6To the top of the fell and back52mins 52Warm and breezy, was just going steady but ended up doing best time to date. Only about 30 seconds slower on the climb than in the race last week!
9 May5.6Jack Bloor Fell race52mins 43A nice evening. Came 74th which is much better (relatively) than last time I did this race.
11 May4Out throught the fields37minsVery warm. Just a gentle jog with a couple of hills.
13 May9Round the Coniston Fells2hrs 25minsJust a jog rather than a run. Low cloud and rain.
16 May7Out onto Ilkley Moor on a club run70minsNice and warm. The ground was just right for running.
18 May5On the roads40minsBit odd to be on the roads again. Just a gentle jog really.
19 May4.5Ran back from the station40minsJust managed to avoid the rain.
20 May10.6Leg five of the Bob Graham3hrs 30minsPacing Alison on her successful round. Very claggy on the tops.
21 May9The Coledale Horseshoe1hr 50minsA nice day but beginning to rain as I was coming off the last top.
23 May8Club run1hr 15minsA steady run up on to the moors. Just avoided the rain!
24 May3.75White Lion race, Kildwick32mins 24Came 51st out of over 100. Apart from the steep start, I did pretty well.
26 May9Paddy Buckley leg 14hrs 27minsA litany of errors! We started nearly two hours late. Mist caused some micro-navigation errors and the rocky sections were extremely slippery. Abandoned the attempt as we were already an hour behind schedule.
31 May6To the top of the fell and back54mins 33Nice and warm with a slight breeze. Still tired from last Friday.
3 June5.5Pen y Ghent fell race70minsA glorious day, perhaps a bit too hot. Managed to twist my ankle again.
8 June5Run on the roads around home38mins 53Still a bit sore after the weekend.
17 June19Day one of the LAMM7hrs 18minsHard work.
18 June15.5Day two of the LAMM6hrs 14minsMore hard work. My knee was sore to begin with but eased during the day. Ended up 30th out of 61.
8 July5Run on roads around home.38mins 53First run for ages as I am building a garden wall!
12 July5.5Stirton Fell race52mins 41Came 55th out of 93
31 July5Up onto the local fell.43mins 30The actual moor was closed because of fire restrictions so cut the normal run short.
2 Aug5Road run round home40mins 04Windy and cool but fine after a wet day.
5 Aug17Borrowdale Fell Race5hrs 17minsHad an absolute ‘mare. Basically blew up on the approach to Gable and was struggling from then on. Basically walked from Honister. Very humid so not good for me. Also got a massive blister on my heel for most of the race.
15 Aug5Road run round home39mins 33Can run again now that the blister has dried up.
18 Aug5Road run round home38mins 30A warm muggy evening after a torrential downpour.
31 Aug5Road run round home39mins 46Very windy and felt like I was struggling.
3 Sep3.5Bradley Fell Race31mins 33Hard work in the long grass but much quicker than last year.
5 Sep9Road run round home1hr 17mins 20A steady run - aiming to keep my heart rate low, not always successfully!
7 Sep9Road run round home1hr 16mins 53Another slow steady run. A bit better at keeping my heart rate down - not easy on the hills.
9 Sep6Up onto the local fell.58mins 59Struggled a bit on the hills.
10 Sep13.1Yorkshireman half-marathon2hrs 4minsVery warm - ended up being ten minutes slower than last year. Came 97th
12 Sep8Club run round Ilkey1hr 18minsFelt a frantic pace, so obviously still recovering from the half-marathon.
17 Sep6Up onto the local fell58mins 01Hot and sultry - was covered in sweat within a couple of minutes. Still recovering from stomach bug mid-week.
18 Sep5Road run round home.40mins 22Warm and humid. Felt tired.
20 Sep5Road run round home.38mins 19Very windy. Surprised to run as well as I did.
23 Sep9Road run round home.1hr 11mins 05An early morning run for a change. Didn't think I was very fit but this is my second fastest time.
26 Sep5Road run round home.39mins 11Took it steady.
28 Sep5Road run round home.37mins 20Somehow managed to get a really fast time.
30 Sep9Road run round home.1hr 15mins 04A warm day again. Another steady run keeping my heart rate down.
1 Oct5Road run round home.40mins 25.
2 Oct8Road run round home.65minsJust steady 8min pace.
7 Oct5Road run round home.38mins 37Very windy. Though that I was taking it steadily until I was heading back and realised that I was about two minutes quicker than intended.
9 Oct8Bronte Way.1hr 9mins 05My best time to date. A pleasant day and not too damp underfoot.
10 Oct7Recceing for the FRA relays. Very slow timewise as we were checking the best lines out.
12 Oct5Road run round home.38mins 39Again just a steady run but a reasonable time.
14 Oct9Leg 2 of the FRA relays.1hr 35mins 37Was alright in the first half but flagged on the final hill.
16 Oct5Road run round home.39mins 37Just a jog as my legs are still stiff from Saturday. Somewhat embarassingly, I tripped up on the tarmac!
17 Oct8Run round Ilkley.1hr 14minsRecovery run but with some hill efforts.
19 Oct5Road run round home.39mins 15Amazingly warm for the time of year - very windy.
20 Oct5Road run round home.38mins 55Ran a bit earlier so was running in the daylight.
22 Oct7Withens Skyline.56mins 51Came 115th out of 277. (photo). Again a boggy run and just a little quicker than last year.
24 Oct5Road run round home.40mins 21More of a jog than a run.
26 Oct5Road run round home.40mins 39Back in full length trousers rather than shorts. Very windy and quite cool.
29 Oct12.5Run on Barden Moor.2hrs 13minsStarted from Embsay village rather than the reservoir.
31 Oct9Road run round home.1hr 16mins 32Very windy and quite cool. Wrapped up to the nines so didn't expect a quick time.
2 Nov9Road run round home.1hr 16mins 11Quite cold, cold enough to wear a hat all the way.
4 Nov5Road run round home.39mins 58Another windy night but quite warm for a change.
6 Nov9Road run round home.1hr 16mins 52Chilly, but with a full moon. Just took it steady.
7 Nov8Club run round Ilkley.1hr 10minsSteady away with a couple of hill efforts.
9 Nov5Road run round home.40mins 12The moon wasn’t out yet so pretty dark.
11 Nov9On hills round home.1hr 25mins 01Very heavy underfoot plus the grass is still fairly long. Combined with the very strong wind meant that it was a bit of a struggle.
13 Nov9To work and back.75minsVery windy. Might as well run to work now that it is so close.
14 Nov9To work and back.70minsUnbelievably warm for November. Even at 8 in the morning there was no need for anything warmer than a vest.
16 Nov9To work and back.68minsAnother warm day.
19 Nov6To top of the fell and back.58mins 58Very windy but felt sluggish as well.
20 Nov9To work and back.69minsCold for once, just caught the edge of some nasty showers.
22 Nov9To work and back.67minsCool in the morning. Pushed it a bit harder on the way home.
24 Nov9To work and back.67minsCool in the morning and wet on the way home. Slow going in but felt nippy on the return.
26 Nov7Rivock Edge race.64mins 11Found this hard but came 49th out of 99.
2 Dec5Road run round home.39mins 17Not run for a week due to my ITB being a bit swollen.
4 Dec5Road run round home.40mins 13A horrible night - very windy and heavy rain.
6 Dec9To work and back.70minsJust took it steady.
8 Dec10Moel Hebog section of Paddy Buckley Round.Long timeHelped pace John Fleetwood on his attempt at a winter Paddy Buckley.
12 Dec4.5Down to work.32minsHad the car to pick up from the garage.
14 Dec5Road run round home.40mins 17Very windy and wet.
19 Dec5Road run round home.40mins 05Very misty and a bit damp.
21 Dec5Road run round home.39mins 54Starting to get cool.
23 Dec9Road run round home.1hr 9mins 06Best time to date! Cool and dull but nice for running.
26 Dec2.5Boxing Day duathalon. No idea of the time as I wasn't carrying a watch and the official time includes the changeover.
29 Dec8Road run round home.1hr 8mins 09Very, very windy. More of a jog than a run.
31 Dec6Auld Lang Syne58mins 18Bettered my time from last year by two minutes. Came 199th out of around 430. Just got over the 1000 miles for the year!


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