Bob Wightman

2005 Diary

This is my running diary for 2005. Personal bests are noted with a green background. Best times over a particular course are noted with a dark blue background.

There are links to any race results in the notes column.

4 Jan5 run on roads round home40mins 17Cool and breezy.
6 Jan5 run on roads round home39mins 57Very very windy
9 Jan6Garstang 10K.42mins 19A bit fast on the first mile and slowed up on the last mile but my best time for this course.
11 Jan8 run on club night66minsGentle 8min/mile pace
13 Jan7 run on roads round home57mins 01Just took it steady.
15 Jan7 run on roads round home54mins 42Quite breezy with some rain.
19 Jan5 run on roads round home42mins 00Blowing an absolute hoolie!
21 Jan5 run on roads round home39mins 55Clear crisp night with the northern lights on display - spooky!
23 Jan7Stanbury Splash 62mins 57Came 108th. The first time I have run this race.
24 Jan7 run on roads round home55mins 46A cool night with a thin wind.
1 Feb5 run on roads round home39mins 01A very dark night. First run after a few day's skiing.
5 Feb6Ogden Moors - 6 miles/700' 45mins 43A fast course, came 47th. The first time that I have run this race and it may be the last as it looks as if it won't be staged again.
7 Feb5 run on roads round home38mins 51Quite cool but generally easy going.
8 Feb7 hill run56minsRan the whole lot.
10 Feb5 run on roads round home41mins 27Just jogged around.
12 Feb20Wadsworth Trog4hrs 12mins 40Pretty bad conditions - strong wind; hail; sleet. Just about everyone found it difficult.
15 Feb3 on roads25mins 33Felt really rough with a chesty cough so probably shouldn't have gone out.
19 Feb13BGR Leg 23hrs 52minsA cold day with a strong wind. some snow and ice down to low levels. Felt quite easy even though I was carrying a sack.
20 Feb9 run on hills round home1hr 28Took it slow and steady. A cold north wind.
22 Feb5 run on roads round home41mins 45Cold wind with snow showers and snow lying on the roads.
26 Feb14BGR fell section of leg 53hrs 20minsRan from Little Town to Honister and back. Plenty of snow above 450m - upto 30cm deep in places. A strong Northerly wind.
1 Mar7.5 hills in Ilkley66minClub run
3 Mar7 run on roads round home55mins 36Quite a pleasant evening.
5 Mar16BGR leg 4 plus Honister to Wasdale5hrs 04minQuite icy with a strong Northerly wind some very tricky conditions to run in.
8 Mar5 run on roads round home40mins 36Pleasantly warm.
10 Mar5 run on roads round home39mins 58A cool breeze at first.
12 Mar31Wuthering Hike5hrs 54mins 30A cool wind. Did OK to Stoodley Pike (20m) but then blew up due to starting with a chest infection.
22 Mar5 run on roads round home41mins 50Just jogged around as I am still recovering from the chest infection.
24 Mar5 run on roads round home39mins 47Starting to feel better. Also the nights are becoming lighter.
25 Mar7 hill run54mins 34A warm evening.
29 Mar7 run on roads round Ilkley with club59minsJust a gentle jog.
30 Mar9 run on hills round home1hr 23A bit damp and boggy at the moment. First run in new fell shoes.
31 Mar12Dunmail Raise to Raise and back2hrs 40Pleasant jogging. Would have gone on to Great Dodd but the dog was beginning to get sore legs.
3 Apr9 run on hills round home1hr 15mins 48Just felt easy today - nearly my quickest time for this route.
4 Apr5 run on roads round home38mins 54Thought I was just taking it steady.
5 Apr3Bunny Run #123mins 12Came 86th. A cold evening.
7 Apr5 run on roads round home39minsCool and blustery. Went the opposite way round for a change.
9 Apr15Leg 4 of the BGR and back to Wasdale5hrsRain in the valley, snow above about 600m, strong winds. Did each top in well under schedule. Felt pretty good despite the conditions.
11 Apr3run to next village Ran down to a meeting then back up the hill.
12 Apr3Bunny Run #222mins 36Came 85th.
14 Apr9 run on hills round home1hr 26mins 50Took it very easy, along with which, the ground was very boggy.
16 Apr11Keswick - Skiddaw and back 2hr 10A bit of a bad session - poor visibility, icy conditions and high winds along with being on my own meant that I didn't carry on on the leg.
17 Apr9 run on hills round home1hr 22mins 30The ground is still very boggy. Thought that I was taking it easy but got round quite quick.
19 Apr3Bunny Run #323mins 20Very muddy, was slower than last week but came 81st, up four places.
20 Apr5 run on roads round home38mins 45Cool Easterly wind. Went the opposite way round for a change.
23 Apr20.1Howgills5hrs 30minsTraining run with Ali. Basically found the most convoluted way to join up the tops, so getting lots of ascent and descent in.
24 Apr9 run on hills round home1hr 15mins 38Meant to be taking it easy but got round in my second fastest time to date!
26 Apr3Bunny Run #423mins 52Very muddy, a proper Bunny run! Came 85th.
28 Apr9 run on hills round home1hr 23mins 30Just steady - keeping my heart rate down to less than 150.
1 May14 BGR Leg 1 plus a bit3hr 53mins Everything was very wet after a morning thunderstorm - had difficulty in getting across the Caldew.
2 May3 On hills around home26mins Was going for a longer run but there was a bit of a downpour.
5 May9 run on hills round home1hr 27mins 07Took it very steady, which along with high winds and rain gave a slow time.
7 May11.5Dunmail Raise to Bowfell and back to the ODG4hr 15minsA lovely day on the fells. A bit breezy. Did this well ahead of schedule without really trying.
9 May9 run on hills round home1hr 23mins 20A bit wet to begin with - main problem is the lengthening grass!
12 May5 run on roads round home43mins 16Deliberately slow as I don't want to injure myself.
14 May9 run on hills round home1hr 23mins 02A fine day, quite warm, so just took it easy.
16 May5 run on roads round home40mins 08Went slowly but ended up doing a reasonable time?
21 May61The Bob Graham Round!23hrs 54minsAt last and with just six minutes to spare. No lap of honour though!
26 May5Run on roads round home41mins 30Just went gently.
31 May3Rombalds Moors race24mins 43Not done this one before. Came 35th out of 69 - exactly halfway.
3 Jun5Run on roads round home38mins 30Not feeling the effects so much now.
6 Jun5Run on roads round home35mins 44Surprised myself by doing my best time to date!
9 Jun7Interval training on track1hr approxPyramid session - 800; 1200; 1600; 1200; 800 with 400 rests.
14 Jun7Club run60minsA run round the lanes around Ilkley.
15 Jun10Otley 10 mile72mins 36Not as bad as I expected but not as good as I hoped. Came 96th.
20 Jun5Run on roads round home36mins 20Not bad but faded in the second half.
21 Jun5Skipton race31mins 37Harrogate running league race. This felt quick.
25 Jun12.5Run along Pennine Way2hrs 13minsAn out and back route along the Pennine Way.
27 Jun5Run on roads round home39mins 23Very hot so took it steady.
30 Jun5.8Run on hills round home53mins 23An out and back route with quite a bit of climbing in the middle section.
2 July8.7A run from Eskdale up to Burnmoor Tarn and down Miterdale.1hr 30A pleasant run out in the low fells - the dog enjoyed it as well.
5 July5Run on roads round home37mins 43A wet evening.
9 July5.8Run on hills round home54mins 25Was quicker on the outward but the heat got to me on the return leg.
10 July6.1Preston 10K44mins 15Very warm and very humid, not suited to me at all. Ran really poorly - felt jaded. Came 77th out of 616
13 July7 hill run53mins 37Warm and humid so I was surprised to do it so quickly.
15 July5Run on roads round home37mins 44Quite warm.
17 July12Kentmere Horseshoe fell race2hrs 17Very warm and quite humid - didn't do at all well. Came 137th
19 July7Evening club run2hrs 17Steady away.
16 August9Club run1hr 15Warm and quite humid - good to be back running again.
20 August8Weasdale Horseshoe1hr 21mins 12Very warm and on good running ground - should have done better but still have cycling legs. Came 22nd out of 38
28 August11A sort of Snowdon horseshoe from the south2hr 51minsShould have been nice but low cloud and 50mph gusts of wind meant otherwise.
29 August8Carneddau2hr 20minsAn improving day. A recce for the Paddy Buckley.
2 Sept5Run round roads near home36mins 40Warm. Just getting over the cold properly.
4 Sept3.5Bradley fell race34mins 50Warm and humid. Did the bike race just beforehand.
6 Sept9Club run1hr 13Still warm and humid - the nights are definitely pulling in now.
8 Sept5Interval training on the track 14 * 400m efforts plus warm-up and warm-down
10 Sept5Run round roads near home36mins 47New pair of trainers, but also feeling a bit heavy!
11 Sept10.5Run over Barden Moor1hr 55minsAfter a quick start, I felt really tired - possibly due to the humidity.
13 Sept6Run over Ilkley Moor with the club1hrA gentle run out in the setting sun.
18 Sept13.1Yorkshireman half marathon1hr 54minsRan just about all of it apart from a bit on the final climb. Came 38th out of over 200
20 Sept9Club run along Wharfedale70minsSteady 7:30 pace with a couple of miles at about 6:30
22 Sept5Track sessionPyramid efforts with short rest.
25 Sept24.2The Yorkshire Three Peaks5hrs 30minsWent the walking route. This included about 30mins of rests.
29 Sept5.5Track sessionDid 8 * 800m efforts @ 3min pace with 1 min rest.
1 Oct5Run round roads near home39mins 12Just a gentle jog really.
2 Oct9Run round hills near home1hr 22mins 58With Steve. Took it steady.
8 Oct7.5A run around BowfellWent out taking photos of the Langdale Horseshoe fell race.
11 Oct7A run around Ilkley with the club63minsSteady run with some efforts.
16 Oct7FRA Relays1hr 52We got the navigation leg.
20 Oct7hill run54mins 39Surprisingly quick for the first run in the dark.
22 Oct8.5Barden Fell1hr 40minsA steady jog up the Valley of Desolation and down via Halton Gill. A group of five of us.
23 Oct7Withens Skyline56mins 59Despite the course being even boggier than last year, I beat my PB by over three minutes!
29 Oct9Run round hills near home1hr 19minsVery boggy.
30 Oct5Run round roads near home39mins 29Just a gentle jog.
2 Nov7hill run55mins 34Took it a bit steadier.
4 Nov5Run round roads near home38mins 53Felt a bit faster than this but it was very windy.
6 Nov9Run on roads round home1hr 17minsA new route for me. Just took it very steady - aimed to keep the HR below 150.
7 Nov5Run round roads near home42mins 59Another slow steady jog - it was very windy though.
9 Nov5Run round roads near home38mins 51Again windy, decided to up the pace a bit though.
11 Nov5Run round roads near home40mins 11Blowing an absolute hoolie! First run in new trainers
13 Nov9.5Run on Pendle Hill2hrsReccied a good bit of the Tour of Pendle route for next week. A lovely day.
15 Nov9.5Club run in Ilkley1hr 15minsA steady run out to Burley and back.
17 Nov5Run round roads near home44mins 20A very gentle jog in sub-zero temperatures.
19 Nov17Tour of Pendle race3hrs 28mins 10God, that was hard! Was alright on the first half but totally bonked on the second. Just got back in my target time of 3 1/2hrs.
29 Nov5Run round roads near home44mins 04A very gentle jog in sub-zero temperatures as I am just getting over a cold.
2 Dec5Run round roads near home40mins 03Quite windy with a nasty shower or two. Still suffering from the cold.
4 Dec8Bolton by Bowland fell race64mins 40Still suffering from the cold :-( Was aiming for 64mins so not too bad, very boggy and hard work. Came 86th.
6 Dec7Weekly club run61minsSteady run round Ilkley
8 Dec7hill run55mins 36Took it a steady but still came a cropper on a bend due to either mud or ice. Nice scar!
9 Dec5Run round roads near home39mins 53Steady but smart with it - quite dark due to cloud cover.
11 Dec9.25Leg 4 of the Calderdale Relay1hr 36minsA lovely day for running. Just took the whole thing steadily.
13 Nov5Club run in Ilkley40minsHill efforts. Supposed to be steady, but anything but!
14 Dec5Run round roads near home38mins 58The moon was nearly full and very bright so good running conditions.
17 Dec10Honister to Wasdale leg of BGR3hrs 40minPacing John Fleetwood on a winter BG attempt. Twisted my ankle on the descent from Kirkfell and then went over on it a couple of times so quite sore!
24 Dec5Run round roads near home39mins 15First run since spraining my ankle last week.
26 Dec2.3Kildwick Biathalon26mins 23Had a blow-out on the bike part and got lost on the running part! Not a good event really.
30 Dec5Run round roads near home40mins 01A bit icy so took it steady but actually felt quite stiff and slow.
31 Dec6.5Auld Lang Syne59mins 58A completely different course this year, so no real comparisom. Tweeked my ankle again on the descent. Just missed the hour.


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