Bob Wightman

The Reef Knot

One of the simplest of knots. Once uncommon in climbing circles, it has gained favour in recent years for tying abseil ropes together, though this use has declined since the uptake of the overhand knot.

Attribute Notes
Attribute Notes
Strength 45 -50%
Ease of Tying Possibly the simplest of knots.
Recognisable Easy to recognise - the knot is symmetrical if tied correctly.
Also known as Square knot.
Usage Tying two ropes together.
Advantages Simple.
Easy to undo after loading.
Disadvantages Tying two ropes of different diameters.
Can work loose - best backed up with a double fishermans's knot, which sort of defeats one of the objectives of using such a simple knot.
Symmetrical: so has an increased tendency to catch when being pulled after an abseil.