Bob Wightman


About the Site

This site is in its third major iteration or version. All pages have been hand-written, I've not used programs like Dreamweaver at all. The site has gone from table based layout through basic html with CSS to the current partially database driven version. The current layout is simple and relatively lightweight but it provides me with sufficient flexibility to be able to create mobile and tablet versions alongside the desktop version.

If I was starting work on the site now then I'd probably use one of the CMSs like Drupal or Joomla, but it would be a lot of work to get the current site switched over to one. The current version is partially modelled along those lines anyway and as time goes on more pages will end up using templates, there are only a handful of page types: front page; slideshow; article, so this won't be too much work.

Version Information

The following table shows the version numbers of various pieces of code used on the site. If you find a bug then use this table to report them - the relevant data is also copied in to the text area beneath the table ready to copy in to an email.

desktop3.0.1The version of the stylesheet used for desktop devices
tablet3.0.1The version of the stylesheet used for tablets
mobile3.0.1The version of the stylesheet used for mobile phones.
iehacks3.0.1The version of the stylesheet used to account for Internet Explorer inconsistencies.
BGR app3.2.6-minThe code behind the calculator on the Bob Graham pages
PBR app3.1.0-minThe code behind the calculator on the Paddy Buckley Pages
slideshow2.0.2This is the code that runs the slideshow pages.
dragndrop2.1.3The drag and drop code.
tickdata1.0.0A data file holding details of the routes about the various climbing ticklists.
mover2.0.0The code behind the dynamic route trace on the Bob Graham pages.
Browserunknown unknownThe browser and version you are viewing the site with.